In May 2006 my friend Cary Leitzes introduced me to Simon de Pury. I showed him the book steidldangin had just published, Daddy, where are you? that documents my family visiting my mother at her home for the last ten years. Simon was very touched by the images and immediately asked me to do a show. At the time I was working on a project I started five years before -- nude self portraits. Then things started to develop. Through talking with my steidldangin publisher Pascal Dangin, who inspired me to double expose my images by taking pictures of myself, then exposing them on top of whatever I wanted. I felt incredibly stimulated and creatively challenged by this idea and knew that I could do something amazing and push my images a step further. This creative explosion inside me was the beginning of the double exposure project.

My assistant, Eric Wilcox, and I launched on this incredible adventure. Once again my photography took me through another part of my life. Exposing images twice inside the camera, using the old-fashioned technique (no photoshop, no retouching, no nothing!) was a crazy mess. My images are a diary of my soul. My life is my art. Over the next two years as I untangled this chaos I was creating inside my camera, I also began to untangle the chaos in my own life, resulting in this amazing series of dream-like images: EXPLOSURE.

Exhibition - Los Angeles

Reception  Thursday 19 February 19 2009  7-9pm
Exhibition  Through April 2009
Ace Gallery Beverly Hills

Exhibition - London

Reception  Wednesday 14 January 2009  6-8pm
Exhibition  6-29 January 2009
Phillips de Pury & Company

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